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Houston's Gary & Terry McMullen bring career-long expertise in photography and graphic arts to their craft.


In 2000, Gary was named Master Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America. He personally photographs each session. Terry brings her Addy and New York Art Director's Award-winning style to her fabulous wedding album designs. Her artistic talent is also evident in her enhancement of each portrait to perfection.


Gary has won Kodak Gallery Awards, Fujifilm Masterpiece Awards, Accolade awards from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and Licentiate from the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. His professional accreditations have included membership in the prestigious American Society of Photographers, The Professional Photographers Guild of Houston, and more. His work has appeared in magazines and trade journals the world-over and has been showcased at Epcot Center and exhibited by Eastman Kodak in New York City.


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Credentials matter.


What is a PPA Master Photographer? How does one achieve those credentials?

The title Master Photographer is bestowed on relatively few people each year by the PPA – The Professional Photographers of America. In fact, of the PPA's 25,000 members, fewer than 4% of photographers working today have achieved Master. Mr. McMullen is a Master Photographer.


Obtaining the title is extremely difficult - requiring years of submitting image samples (only four per year may be submitted) for PPA national judging competitions in order for any image to score high enough to earn a “Merit”. Twenty five print Merits must be earned. No easy feat. But, because Master photographers earn the title by the outstanding creativity and quality exhibited in their images, you can engage a Master with confidence. Look for the designation, “M.Photog.” after a photographer’s name.


What is a PPA “Certified" Photographer?

Less difficult to attain than Master, "certification" requires that the applicant submit 15 images for general review (no Merits are awarded) and take a written exam testing technical, theoretical and historical knowledge of photography. If you pass the exam, and if your images meet the minimum creative and quality requirements, you’re “Certified”. Look for “CPP” after a photographer’s name.


Although many are “Certified”, few achieve “Master”.


Whats the ASP?

The American Society of Photographers. You must be a Master to be eligible for membership.


How does one qualify for Membership in the Royal Photographic Society?

U.S. citizens must first attain Master Photographer status before being nominated for Licentiateship in the R.P.S.



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